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Cubs Make Things Right With 100-Year-Old Fan

This story has a happy ending.

Jonathan Daniel

It was first noted in this BCB FanShot, and I have confirmed that the Cubs have asked Louis Reinhart, the 100-year-old fan from downstate Metamora, back to Wrigley Field with free tickets for him and his family, and they have accepted.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green explained the Opening Day mixup, telling me, "The plan was to bring Mr. Reinhart to the right field gate so we could easily and comfortably get him on the field. What may be viewed as ample time doesn’t consider the work that goes on behind the scenes, as well as the other activities scheduled and logistics on field prior to the start of the game."

Green explained that the ceremonies for Opening Day were "more orchestrated" than usual, so that having people in place at the times they were asked to be there was important. The Cubs wanted to make sure that the game started on time, particularly on that day.

It's the right gesture to make to have made this offer to Mr. Reinhart and his family -- I do not know the specific date at this time -- and Green added, "Cubs fans are the lifeblood of the tradition and experience at Wrigley Field. We don’t take their support for granted and we don’t disrespect our fans."

Let that statement always be so.