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Cub Tracks Preps For A Big Birthday

Perhaps you've heard: the 100-year birthday of Wrigley Field will be celebrated Wednesday. Everyone seems ready to celebrate the park's big day.. Meanwhile, Castro and Rizzo seem "fixed", Jesse Rogers is suprised, and we deal with crowds.

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Caution: mini rant ahead.

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  • Jesse Rogers wrote something stupid. He's, apparently, surprised at the way playing time has been distributed. For instance, he seems shocked that Ryan Sweeney has started 9 of 17 games (as of this article). Really? Really?!?! You're surprised that a left-handed outfielder signed to a two year contract has started just over half the games? Really? That's surprising? I understand the cries of "play the kids!!!" I do. But nobody should be surprised that in the first three weeks of the season, that the Cubs have generally gone with platoons with a roster... built to platoon. When the Cubs are "officially" eliminated (late May, or so), there will still be plenty of time for the "kids" to play (basically) every day.
  • Starlin Castro will answer mailbag questions, so submit yours.
  • Jake Arrieta's return will give more meaning to games. Jesse apparently feels games started by Carlos Villanueva are meaningless.
  • Mike Olt's overall stats are mixed at best, but he's delivering on his power potential.
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