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A Wrigley 100th Birthday To Remember! (And Forget)

BCB's Danny Rockett celebrated Wrigley's 100th birthday party by taking pictures of costumed fans, videos of biplanes and balloons, and having a wonderful time. (Until the ninth inning.)

100 Years of Wrigley
100 Years of Wrigley
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Wrigley Field's 100th birthday party ended like most of my birthday parties end, depressed and wondering what the future holds. But a painful ninth-nning loss didn't stop the 'Party of the Century' from being another memorable moment at our beautiful old ballpark.

Yes, when the Cubs aren't picking up scrap heap players, market researching pants less mascots, or raising beer prices, they are planning wonderful events such as Wednesday's centennial fiesta. It was truly a wonderful day, aided by my warm and sunny location in section 242. I shed a tear or two (before the ninth-inning meltdown), had a rare opportunity to chant "Let's Go Feds", and took a ton of pics!


This Cubs parking lot attendant let me wear her paper birthday hat! Fortunately for her, I broke the elastic chin strap after this shot was taken, as she had complained that the band had become easily entangled in her wig.

I must admit, I got a little misty watching the Diamondbacks players stand in awe or Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks.


And a classic Messmer Anthem started the game out perfectly!


The Cubs weren't the only ones wearing throwbacks!


In case you're wondering what they're doing with the extra 50 cents the Cubs now charge for beer… Apparently, they are buying Weeghman Park jackets for one day's usage. Still cool! Wish I had one!

But they weren't the only ones dressed for the occasion!






This crazy guy wore a bear costume!!


Ernie and Ron even dressed up!


A Cubs employee smilingly disrobes Santo…


Santo, unnerved by being undressed in public, winds up to sock him in the jaw!


And if you enjoy things flying in the sky, the Cubs hired some Old-Timey Airplanes!

And Balloons! (After 'Happy Birthday', which no one realized we were singing unit the last line of the song.)

Then unfortunately….this happened...

Then…this happened….


Then this happened….

But at least I got to hang out with Ann from Las Vegas and her friend Kyle who gave me her season tickets for the entire opening weekend of the 2014 season! Ann flew in that morning, and flew out that night. She traveled thousands of miles to wish Wrigley a Happy Birthday, but unfortunately the Cubs couldn't deliver a win. Still, she is one dedicated Cubs fan!


My girlfriend Nicole remarked when the Diamondbacks had come within a run, and were threatening to score more (which of course they did), "Well, do we want a Happy Birthday, or an appropriate birthday?" Unfortunately, it seems we got both…I guess you can't enjoy pleasure if you've never felt pain...

Happy Birthday Wrigley Field!!