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Cubs, Reds Postponed; No Makeup Date Set

Wet weather in Cincinnati prevented the Cubs and Reds from playing Monday night.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

They delayed the Cubs and Reds an hour after the scheduled start time and then...

Making up this rainout is problematic, because the weather forecast for tomorrow isn't any better. That means we could have two postponements in this series, and although the Cubs have an off day Thursday, the Reds don't. So we could be looking at a split doubleheader Wednesday if they want to get two of these three games in, with the other one made up when the Cubs return to Cincinnati in the middle of July.

When, presumably, the weather will be warmer.

There's no word on whether the Cubs will adjust their rotation for the postponement; reports were that Jeff Samardzija was out tossing a ball around with the tarp on the field and rain falling, just before the postponement was announced. Will try to get info on this, though it might not be available until tomorrow.

Until then, use this thread to discuss the rainout or any other Cubs- or baseball-related topics.