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MLB Bullets Honors A Legend

It was the anniversary of Henry Aaron's 715th home run, and that brought out a lot of talk about the home run record. Matt Moore is off to see the doctor. The Panda may be looking for a new home. Joey Votto fights crime on the Canadian prairie.

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My first real baseball memory was probably the death of Roberto Clemente. (Or maybe Joe Rudi's catch in the World Series a few months before, if you consider that worth a "memory.") So you likely know that my second baseball memory was Henry Aaron's chase of Base Ruth's record. I have a distinct memory of watching TV and having a "Special Report" interrupt the show to say that Aaron had hit his 713th home run. That was the year before. And of course I remember seeing Aaron break Ruth's record, even if I'm not sure if I saw it live.

When he played for the Brewers a few years later, I did get the honor of seeing Aaron hit a home run.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.