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Cubs, Cardinals Rained Out

All the details on tonight's postponement and the makeup date below.


Even though the weather forecast looked like it might clear later this evening, the Cardinals didn't waste time, calling tonight's game two hours before game time. Here's all you need to know:

This, I think, is better than making fans sit through delays, wondering whether or when the game will start, or playing through poor conditions, as they often do at Wrigley Field. This is similar to the early postponements in New York and Cincinnati earlier this year. I'd say the Cubs could learn a lesson from this.

Thus, the next game will be Thursday afternoon with Jason Hammel facing ... we don't know, as I haven't seen any indication from the Cardinals yet about whether they'll just push Michael Wacha back a day. I'd assume so. It's the Cubs' third rainout of the year so far, all on the road.

One other bit of news you can discuss in this rainout thread:

That's in return for activating Jose Veras from the disabled list. Still 13 pitchers. Oh, well.