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The Cubs Will Fix The Wrigley Wall Mural Mistake

The Cubs made another mistake in one of their 100th-anniversary commemorations. But they say they'll fix it.

Courtesy Floyd Sullivan

After a recent flap regarding a photo of Charles Lindbergh on one of the murals on the Wrigley Field bleacher wall, first reported on ChicagoNow by Floyd Sullivan (the photo was actually taken at Comiskey Park, not Wrigley Field) and noted in this FanPost on Friday, the Cubs say they'll fix it, as reported by Jon Greenberg at ESPN Chicago:

"As part of our 100th birthday celebration, we've worked to source a significant number of photos from outside archives to highlight this wonderful milestone all season long," team spokesman Julian Green said. "Unfortunately, the photo featuring Charles Lindbergh was incorrectly labeled in a collection of historical photos we recently acquired for our Cubs archives. We are working to update the artwork and plan to have a new mural installed soon alongside the other great historic images on Waveland and Sheffield."

Well. That's all well and good to say the photo was "incorrectly labeled," but this is not the first time there's been an issue with something regarding the Wrigley Field 100th anniversary celebration, as I noted in this article last month about a mistake in a Cubs TV spot.

What I've learned is that for team projects of this nature, everything has to go through Major League Baseball. Why? I'm not sure, but my feeling is that putting it through MLB takes it away from the local people who should know more about the team. You can see how errors of this nature could be made.

The Cubs also have a baseball historian at their beck and call -- Ed Hartig, who I can tell you from my own personal correspondence with him knows everything about Cubs history; I've consulted him for various articles I've posted here as well as for the old Maple Street Press Cubs annuals and "Cubs By The Numbers." They really ought to vet every single historical thing they do through Ed. Heck, they could have asked me about this image -- I'd have told them it was wrong. (I hadn't noticed it on that particular mural, as I don't often walk by that exact location.)

Anyway, they're going to fix the mural (actually, from what I understand, put up a different one, because there probably aren't any photos of Charles Lindbergh at Wrigley), which is good news. I'll post something here when it's been changed. I hope this is the last time I have to write about one of these mistakes.