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Cub Tracks Learns To Be A Pugilist

While the major league team is getting beat down, a prized prospect is throwing wild haymakers. Both need to learn the sweet science of boxing to fight back. So in today's Cub Tracks, trade winds are blowing, weather is no excuse, draft boards are compiled, Beef gains a fan, and Darth Vader takes his cuts.

Harry Engels

Watching the Cubs so far feels like being Glass Joe for 12 rounds.

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  • Trade value will soon be a big storyline for the Cubs. Gotta say I laughed at two of the three names on the list.
  • Kris Bryant is producing, but staying patient.
  • Jesse Rogers says the patient approach with Mike Olt is misguided. Of course, by going the line of writers who think this is Mike Olt vs. Luis Valbuena, he renders most of his point moot.
  • (Insider) Buster Olney examines the trade market for Jeff Samardzija. I'm not an Insider, so I don't know the conclusion. But it's hard to imagine almost any contender who wouldn't be interested.
From the Chicago Tribune

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