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2014 MLB Draft Prep: What's Left?

How can the Cubs get any of the remaining top three options?


This week, we'll have a look a bit at the first three picks, a bit at the fourth pick, and a bit at the virtual absurdity of the options out there. I'm to the point where I'm not even normally linking to the stuff being thrown. I remain happy that the people making the decisions realize the importance of the minor league system being an important part of the parent club's future. And nobody being considered at 1.4 went for Tommy John surgery the last few days.

Houston Astros at 1.1. Nobody knows what Houston will do yet. They will take one of the three arms, though. I've heard Brady Aiken and Carlos Rodon here, mostly, but they scouted Tyler Kolek as well. While the last few Cubs picks haven't surprised me (I wouldn't have been surprised with either Jonathan Gray or Kris Bryant last time), none of the three will surprise me here. If you want the Cubs to get Rodon, this may be the most likely spot for him in the top three. Represented by Scott Boras, either or both of Miami and Chicago may avoid Rodon.

Miami Marlins at 1.2. Rumor has it that the Marlins want Tyler Kolek. I'm not sure why, but that's the buzz. I haven't heard any comments on them wanting to avoid Aiken, but I have heard whispers of them "beating the rush" to Florida shortstop Nick Gordon. At least there is regionalism to that. I have no idea what their front office wants to do, but they may have four (or more) options in mind at 1.2. They shouldn't. They should know who the two best outs are, and grab the best one available.

But, they are run by a (insert apt word here).

Chicago White Sox at 1.3. I don't think they want to deal with Boras. If the two prep arms are gone, they may go elsewhere. It shouldn't be this hard, people. There are three really good pitchers atop the board. Rank them, and grab the best one remaining. Rumors stay alive on the ChiSox liking Alex Jackson, if Aiken and Kolek are gone.

So, to keep score on this, the most likely option to fall to the Cubs is Carlos Rodon, who is represented by an agent the Cubs are familiar with negotiating with.  If you want one of the top three arms, but none of them in particular, hope the Astros grab a high school arm with 1.1. Or that the Marlins reach for Gordon. Or the Sox grab for Jackson.

As for my preference, my head is still spinning from the hunchification going on. One of the odd rumors is that the Cubs might give Max Pentecost, a college catcher, a huge discount to 1.4 value, and pick him. That would leave them quite a bit of room under the cap to come back later and grab other players who may slip. I'm not sure I agree with that call, as drafting for need is a fool's errand historically in baseball. However, if it saves enough under the cap.....?

That first week in June, I'll burn through some Excedrin, I suspect.

If you want to know who the Cubs are possibly contemplating at 1.4, grab a mock draft, any mock draft, and draw a line after the tenth pick. They're probably "negotiating" with seven of the guys above your line.

Here is a nice piece in opposition to an international draft. It doesn't sound like it will be negotiated very soon, so the Cubs might be competing with only 26 teams over the top end talent next time around, after sitting in the corner this time with the Bud Selig Dunce Cap in the corner opposite the Rangers. Four teams will reportedly blow away their cap this year, and face a two-year sentence. The pool of eligible teams the year following may be even smaller, as I get way ahead of myself.

Also, Jim Callis posted a gem on prep pitching for the June draft.

Carlos Rodon was okay this weekend. Nothing special, though.

Kyle Freeland is the new trendy pick. He was solid this weekend.

Anybody for Tyler Beede? Good, but with 4 walks, in a loss.

Or LSU's Aaron Nola? Solid, as usual.

Max Pentecost is on fire.  And getting attention. Here's his latest Friday night box score.