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A Tom Ricketts Remix

BCB's Danny Rockett shares some anecdotes from the last three games at Wrigley Field and a Tom Ricketts club song. Remix!!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to financial disagreements between millionaires and billionaires, I tend to not become involved too personally. They're gonna do what they're gonna do. Such is the case with the Cubs dispute with the rooftop owners. The courts will figure it all out eventually, and unfortunately. And sure, I have my opinions on the matter. I like Wrigley how it is, but I don't want the old girl to fall over either. Never cared much for videoboards or billboards, but I can see why fans like em. Especially if the money generated can put a contending team on the field. But I will say this….

First anecdote...

I was hanging out with this Wrigley First Timer named Woody who I met at the Cubs win over the Brewers on Sunday. Sometime after singing the stretch he turned to me and said… "I feel like I'm in baseball heaven." I replied, "Because you are."

Can't improve on heaven… but you can keep it from falling down, I suppose.

And you certainly can't improve on Woody's shirt!

Second anecdote...

I was sitting next to father and son Yankees fans on Tuesday night, Danny and John. They had always wanted to see Wrigley, and Danny's fiancée gave them the gift of a trip to Chicago before she and Danny get married later this summer. John, who recently had a stroke, and suffers from some vision issues, also turned to me late in the game and said, "This is the only place in the whole major leagues where you can sit down and watch a damn baseball game!" They both said how much they loathe the new Yankee Stadium. They miss their old dump.

Third anecdote...

On Wednesday I sat next to BCB readers Don and Ted. We struck up a conversation after Don recognized me from my incessant selfie taking. But unfortunately, the speakers in Terrace Reserved were so incredibly loud that we had to scream at each other just to be heard between innings. Add a video board to the already deafening din? No thanks. I'd rather watch the players warm up.

I understand baseball is big business, and we all have our preferences and hopes for the future of Wrigley, but ultimately all I really have to say about it is...