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Cubs Activate Justin Ruggiano; Ryan Kalish Demoted

The Cubs made a roster move before Monday's game.

David Banks

Earlier Monday, there was a hint of a roster move by the Cubs:

Confirmed by this tweet:

Ryan Kalish hit .242/.303/.330 in 39 games for the Cubs (22-for-91 with three doubles and four triples).

Ruggiano was hitting .229/.308/.343 (8-for-35) at the time he was injured, going after a fly ball on the day the Cubs celebrated the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, April 23. Ruggiano had homered earlier in that game, his first of the year.

Really, this does little except take a mediocre left-handed bench bat and replace him with a mediocre right-handed bench bat. I'd rather have seen the team keep Kalish and get rid of one of the relievers (cough Jose Veras cough)

But this management team seems committed to giving its field manager few options off the bench. Anyway, Ruggiano's back, if you had been waiting for him.