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Cub Tracks Is Surrounded By Shark

Everyone is going ga-ga for Jeff Samardzija's recent effort. So today's edition of Cub Tracks features a game of chicken, more Shark labels, contracts, trade talks, football skills, feuds, sticking with slumpers, and an aluminum ant colony.

Running a fade pattern?
Running a fade pattern?
David Banks

Today was another day of seeing how writers interpret the same interview differently.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times 

  • Metrics show where the Cubs and Sox are getting their runs.
  • I was rather tempted to not link to this, but it might get some of you chatting. Here is Gordo's latest screed full of misrepresentations, overgeneralizations, and snark. It's another fan rant masquerading as "reporting" that takes what could be a legitimate point and clouds it in idiocy. Otherwise known as "the usual" for Gordo.

From the Daily Herald

Today's Food For Thought