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Cubs vs. Braves Preview, Friday 5/9, 6:35 CT

The Cubs have actually been on a road trip for two days, though in Chicago. The trip continues with a three-game series in Atlanta.

Jonathan Daniel

Mike Olt hit a grand slam Thursday night. Though his BA is still just .184, his OBP is not awful for that low a BA (.259) and his SLG is quite respectable (.434). The .693 OPS gives him an OPS+ of 86, still below average but at least getting close to decent.

It was suggested in the comments to Thursday's game recap that Olt could be "Mark Reynolds 2.0." I'm thinking that's not too bad a thing to be. From 2008-11, his age 24-27 seasons, Reynolds hit .231/.329/.481, an OPS of .810 and OPS+ of 110. He had a 44-homer season that got him MVP votes and averaged 35 HR and 98 RBI over that four-year period.

Olt is two years older than Reynolds was when he started that run, but if Olt could produce anywhere close to those numbers, he'd be valuable, even with the strikeouts (and Reynolds had plenty of them, too).

But he has to play, or at least get a chance at consistent playing time for a while, to even get a shot at showing that he could do that. Starting tonight against a tough righthander like Julio Teheran is a good first step. Thanks to Rick Renteria for doing this; maybe he's finally decided to give Olt his chance. Olt has his flaws, but a third baseman who could hit like Mark Reynolds in his prime would be just fine -- Kris Bryant could move to the outfield.

This is supposed to be a player development year. Glad Rick Renteria is giving Mike Olt his shot.

Cubs lineup:

Bonifacio CF, Kalish LF, Rizzo 1B, Castro SS, Schierholtz RF, Valbuena 2B, Olt 3B, Baker C, Hammel P

Braves lineup:

Heyward RF, J. Upton LF, Freeman 1B, Gattis C, Johnson 3B, B. Upton CF, Simmons SS, Teheran P, Pena 2B

This is not a misprint. This is the fourth straight game the Braves have batted their pitcher eighth.

Today's Starting Pitchers

Jason Hammel

Jason Hammel


vs. Julio Teheran

Julio Teheran


vs. Atl


vs. Cubs

The last time Jason Hammel faced the Braves -- June 16, 2012 -- he threw a one-hit shutout. Unfortunately for Hammel, only two Braves who played in that game (Andrelton Simmons and Dan Uggla) are still on the team. New to the Braves since then is B.J. Upton, who Hammel faced quite a bit in the A.L. East (7-for-23, two doubles, a home run). Jason Heyward is 6-for-8 against Hammel (and had the only hit in that shutout two years ago).

Julio Teheran is off to an excellent start this year. He's allowed more than two earned runs once in seven starts, and that was in his last outing, in which he went seven innings, gave up four hits and struck out seven. Last year he held the Cubs to one run in six innings September 22 at Wrigley Field. Current Cubs are 8-for-33 with no home runs against him.

Today's game is on CSN Chicago.

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