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The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: Schlemiel, Schlemazel, Milwaukee Inebriated

BCB's Danny Rockett does Milwaukee, Laverne and Shirley style!

Rockett and the Garrister
Rockett and the Garrister
Paul Wartell

While driving back from my trip to Milwaukee with my bandmate Gary, I attempted to wrap my head around the festivities of the weekend. See, a lot happened in a very short time. My band and some fellow Chicago comedy musicians played a wild gig to some crazy train-hopping hobos. We hung out with a hot Russian bartender at a spy-themed restaurant. We sat all over Miller Park. We met a guy named Spider Mike. And of course, we did as the locals do in Milwaukee: We drank lots of beer with Brewers fans. But instead of some long blurry story about two immature man-children running around watching baseball, I made this....

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Schlemiel, schlemazel, Milwaukee inebriated

Cubs in Milwaukee!

Played music to crazy hobos

Found a Kent Hrbek signed photo

Met a guy with only one arm

Picture with Fonzie!

Sat far away from the bases.

Snuck down for the sausage races

Saw a man made out of balloons

Bernie the Brewer

Miller Park under Blue Skies

Eating Cheese Curds, Offensive T-shirts

Cops confiscating a sign.

Anthony Rizzo

Fooled around and watched the Cubs Win.

Paul, Gary, my sister's husband

Cub fans unfurl the "W"

And we found weird benches, made friendships

Selfie with Spider Mike

and we saw Bernie's bed, bobbleheads

This guy needs a new shirt.

Hey, it beats work!