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Cub Tracks Is In A Happy Place

This column is fun to write when the team is playing well. There's plenty of prospect buzz, trade chatter, Gordo's normal nonsense, draft pick progress, and growing swagger. Plus, Fangraphs cites one of BCB's own while also concluding the Cubs were generous with Jeff Samardzija.

Brothers gotta hug!
Brothers gotta hug!
Brian Kersey

I think even the writers get more productive when the club is playing well.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times 

  • Gordo thinks an inability to sign Jeff Samardzija is likely to haunt the Cubs. This is yet another example of Gordo's garbage. He pretends as if Shark plays absolutely no role in the "failure" to come to a contract extension (not to mention no discussion of whether an extension is a good idea or at what price it might be). He also labels the recent public discussions of a negotiation as a "final, failed attempt." I really don't understand why this guy can't just report with an even hand. What really frustrates me is that anyone ranting against Gordo is exactly what that troll wants.
  • And the team's strong June won't prevent another sell-off.
  • Despite the death of Tony Gwynn being linked to chewing tobacco, some Cubs just can't quit.

From the Daily Herald


Today's food for thought

  • This guy in a suit of Mentos was dunked in a tank of Diet Coke. Read that again, then click to watch.