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MLB Bullets Won't Burst Your Bubble

David Price will be traded and Chase Utley will not. The Padres have a long rebuild ahead of them. Ian Kinsler waved to his former teammates. And one very old and one very young (and female) pitcher threw batting practice.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's my fault.

I took the evening off from watching sports last night to actually participate in one: a 5k fun run that I had to leave for in the first inning of last night's Cubs game. Despite the 95 degree temperatures, I did really well, posting my best time in almost a year and 50 seconds faster than I had run in the same event two weeks earlier. So as I was guzzling water and praying that I wouldn't die at the finish line, I went to check the Cubs score. It took me a minute to recognize it was the Reds that didn't have a hit. So I dialed up Pat and Ron on Gameday Audio just in time to catch Billy Hamilton lead off the top of the seventh.

I'm sorry.

Between LeBron James and the World Cup, the baseball news seems a little slow today. That and I don't care about who plays in the All-Star Game, so I don't provide links to it until I absolutely have to.

I think we all enjoy a bite of Italian every now and then.

I'm afraid it's come to this. Because of recent events at the FIFA World Cup and because commissioner Selig wants to be prevent similar problems in MLB, all players will be required to watch the following public service announcement.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. And no biting.