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Cub Tracks Actually Matters

And pretty soon, the games will, too. While we look to that future, some players are making the future "now," others are looking for a way out of town in the name of the next generation, picks are signed, a debut is coming, Kris Bryant is the talk of the clubhouse, and we have a playful sea lion.

Jonathan Daniel

Let's go, Team U.S.A.

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  • The Cubs are inching toward a time when wins and losses will "actually matter."
  • Kris Bryant is the story everyone is reading about. Even some of his future teammates.
  • Joey Votto is raving about Anthony Rizzo. The two worked out together in the offseason.
  • Gordo says the matter of whether Jeff Samardzija stays and signs an extension or is traded is really about Shark's loyalty to the players' union. You'll have to excuse me if I doubt this is the driving factor.  This topic has the chance to get real political. Let's try not to go there. My doubt about this being his primary motivation comes from the mixed messaging. Shark has been quoted in various places about how much he wants to stay here. And how much he wants to pitch in big games. And how he's worried about when the Cubs will be a contender. I do believe you can weave all those interests together. But it's a tough sell. Shark wants to get paid like an ace. I don't really fault him for that - I'd love to be paid at the top levels of my profession, too. But let's not pretend like Shark's contract is a landmark for all future players.

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