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Cub Tracks Is Ready For Draft Day

It will be exciting to see who the Cubs' new toy will be tonight. A prospect half as good as Kris Bryant would be a heckuva prospect. But there's more to Cub Tracks than draft news. The Cubs say "go away, Jose", there's all sorts of good news for prospects, and Pat Hughes is a rock.

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Hat tip to Tim Huwe for all his draft prep work.

As for me, I have three predictions for tonight. First, 30% or more of BCB posters won't like the pick. Why? Prediction two: the Cubs don't get Carlos Rodon or Brady Aiken. Prediction three: the pick is Max Pentecost. For the record, I have no "insider intel" and this is, at best, a marginally informed guesstimate.

Also, I'm not covering any of the radio news. Figured you got that by now.

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Today's food for thought