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Day 2 MLB Draft Discussion Thread: Rounds 3 to 10

Talk about the next group of possible Cubs here.


After taking Kyle Schwarber and Jake Stinnett in the first two rounds, you can talk about the next eight rounds here. We'd like to think some difficult signs will drop here and that the Cubs think that they have enough saved under the bonus pool to take some risks. But whomever they take, I'm sure it will be a happy day for the player and his family, and I hope that they are excited to join the Chicago Cubs.

This round is not televised, but you can watch a webcast on It is a conference call from here on in, so it will go fast and it won't be very visually exciting. It will be a lot faster. But this is the way the draft was conducted for the first 40 years, minus the internet feed.

I found another picture of Schwarber for you.

Discuss among yourselves. I'll try to post here and Tweet out as many Cubs picks as I can, although I do have a life (barely) and things I need to accomplish today that don't involve young men finding out they're going to spend the summer in Boise.

As always, be nice.