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Pick 4 From The Cubs' Minor League System For Fun (And No Prizes)

In an effort to get readers more possessive about prospects, here's a little "contest" (with no prizes, just adulation). What could go wrong?

Kris Bryant might be in your starting lineup on Wednesday.
Kris Bryant might be in your starting lineup on Wednesday.

With fantasy sports being so in these days, I've been contemplating how to parlay the premise into the minor league realm for the Cubs. I've come up with the sketches of something, and you're welcome to start playing on Wednesday, when games resume in earnest. All the Cubs farm teams have Tuesday off for the All-Star Game, except Boise, so we'll start Wednesday.

As of now, I'm going to ignore pitching, as I can't come up with a way (yet) to incorporate lowercasekyle's favorite prospects into the activity. Your recommendations will be read, and I might change the contest if you come up with a better exercise than I did. No prizes will be awarded, as I splurged my annual account on a penny slot at my recent vacation in one sitting. I will (try to remember to) give credit to correct entries, though.

Here's how it works. You pick four names. The players can be from any Cubs affiliate, from Venezuela to Des Moines. Odd pulls are encouraged, because if you actually have a reason to cheer for a Kevin Brown in a two-out, two-on situation to win your bragging rights game, it makes it all the better.

As usual, there is a catch. Because I'm a meanie. The house (which is me) also gets to pick four players per day. You, as a competitor, can only pick one of the four. In other words, if the house rudely selects Kris Bryant or Javier Baez or Kyle Schwarber or Jeff Baez (Jv and Jf might have to work to distinguish the Baez's from each other), you can select any one of those four, and three others. Or, you can go a la carte with all four of your selections.

What you are trying to do with your four names is drive in four runs. Drive in four, earn adulation. Guess wrong, you don't get recognition.

Feel free to ask questions below, or lobby to get me to edit the rules. Or possibly include pitchers. In case you want to hedge yourself from a player getting left out of the starting lineup, feel free to include a name or so in parentheses to be subbed in, if one of your choices is getting the night off. Late scratches were the bane of my existence as a fantasy football owner.

For instance, if you want to play Wednesday, and I go with the above four for the house, you could choose:

Bryant, Hannemann, Vogelbach, Galindo (McKinney, Russell)

If one of the four get the night off from starting, you get to add Billy McKinney for that choice. Addison Russell would cover for the second guy that might sit. In case you're curious, Wladimir Galindo is an infielder for the VCubs, and yes, Venezuela and the Dominican Cubs count as anything else. Post them for the next day in the comments in Josh's Minor League Wrap. I'll try to have my four house selections posted by 9 a.m.

Enjoy, and suggestions and criticisms are invited. Remember, no prizes for this, it's just for fun.