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Downstate Cubs Fan Louis Reinhart Dies At 100

The longtime Cubs fan had been invited back to a game in June after a snafu prevented him from participating in Opening Day ceremonies.

David Banks

This article was linked in Cub Tracks this morning, but I thought it was worth a front-page post.

You're surely familiar with the story of Louis Reinhart, the 100-year-old Cubs fan from downstate Metamora. He was supposed to be part of Opening Day festivities, but traffic issues prevented that. The Cubs invited him and his family back to Wrigley Field June 8, he went on the field for the "game ball presentation," which is sponsored by a pizza company. He met Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro.

Just three weeks later, Reinhart passed away, as reported by Stacy St. Clair in the Tribune:

Louis Reinhart -- the 100-year-old Cubs fan who thought he had missed his chance to participate in the team's centennial year celebration – has died, less than three weeks after he stepped onto Wrigley Field for the first time.

His funeral was held Wednesday in Loda, the central Illinois town where he lived for more than 30 years. He died Friday.

I'm glad the Cubs were able to bring this lifelong fan back to Wrigley Field. His daughter Julie Harper commented to the Tribune:

A lifelong fan who spent decades listening to games on static-filled radio broadcasts and antenna television, Reinhart seemed content to just be at Wrigley Field again, his family said. He hadn’t been to a game in nearly 20 years -— when he was in his 80s -— and he had doubted he would ever see the park again.

"It was just a wonderful day for him," Harper said. "I think that’s what he was holding on for. It was truly his bucket-list moment."

Condolences to Reinhart's family and friends. I'm very happy that the Cubs did this for him and his family. He lived a long time -- 100 years! -- but I'm sorry he won't be around to see the Cubs win the World Series.