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A Gallery Of Photos From 6 Hours, 27 Minutes Of Baseball

Via BCB's intrepid photographer, David Sameshima, we have a photo timeline of Tuesday's wackiness.

David Sameshima, who takes photos not related to game action for me here at BCB, was one of the few hundred who stuck it out until the end of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning's 4-3, 16-inning Cubs win over the Rockies.

You've already read about all the history that was made during this wild game, which included Cubs backup catcher John Baker pitching an inning and scoring the winning run in the bottom of the 16th.

Herein you can find some photos of the scoreboard, the empty ballpark as well as a few of Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies as they were broadcasting the game from the left-field party patio. Or, more correctly, attempting to do so before finally giving up when a brief downpour forced the crew to take shelter in the broadcast booth. I've timestamped each one so you have an idea of when during this marathon each one was taken.

Enjoy this look at late night/early morning at Wrigley Field. We might never see one quite like this again.