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2014 MLB Trade Deadline Open Thread

This thread is for exactly what the headline says: discussion of trade possibilities, and actual deals, on deadline day.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The non-waiver trade deadline comes up at 3 p.m. Thursday, six hours after the time this thread posts. That gives you all six hours (six-plus, really, because some trades could be announced after the deadline) to discuss rumors and actual deals that happen. There's no need to limit discussion to Cubs trades and rumors, either; feel free to use this thread for any trades that happen at all today.

For the Cubs, obviously Emilio Bonifacio is the prime trade target of many teams, which is why he was held out from Wednesday's lineup (and probably won't play Thursday, either). For his part, Bonifacio is taking it all in stride:

Bonifacio said after the game that his agent, Paul Kinzer, informed him after the game he could be dealt.

"It's not in my hands," Bonifacio said. "I'm just going to come to the field and be a part of the Cubs. It's nothing I can do. Just wait.

"You want to be part of that (a playoff contender), but right now you're still part of the Cubs. I just have to keep pushing for the Cubs."

I particularly liked this tweet I spotted Wednesday evening:

The Royals are just one of several teams reportedly in the mix for Bonifacio; the Giants and Reds have also been mentioned. There has to be a mystery team because... well, there always seem to be mystery teams.

There's certainly going to be some trade action today. This is your place to discuss it. If the Cubs do trade Bonifacio (or anyone else), a separate front-page article will be posted.

Have at it!