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Cub Tracks Is Trade Tracks: Special Edition!

I won't bore you with fireworks analogies, but.... wow! The Cubs big deal makes plenty of headlines. Here's a collection from around the interwebz in a special Saturday edition of Cub Tracks.

Please be what we hope, Addison.
Please be what we hope, Addison.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If I don't leave soon, I'm gonna be in real big trouble with the missus. So my five cent, gut reaction: risky. Most analysts seem to like this deal for the Cubs. I'm sitting more on the fence. I want to collect more data, take a few more breaths, and see how this shakes out. Russell is an amazing talent, obviously. I can see all the reasons this has the potential to be an amazing deal for the Cubs. But I do worry a bit about team psyche, who will pitch, and going all in on this deal. I'm not  saying I don't like it. But I'm also not in the "slam dunk for the Cubs" group that many seem to be in. Ok. Enough of me. On to the people who get paid to write (which defies explanation, in some cases).

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • This rumor column went up as talks started to progress. You can follow the updates and check the comments from another community.
  • And here is their official recap, with more updates.


  • The Cubs are getting the A's top two prospects, a starting pitcher and the inevitable PTBNL. This link includes a video with commentary from Ken Rosenthal. By the way, near the end of the audio, Rosenthal makes a point that Cubs' fans who don't understand this trade will appreciate.
  • Of course, Addison Russell is the headliner in the prospect haul. This link includes a video with commentary from Jonathan Mayo.
  • Phil Rogers thinks the A's are capitalizing on the pitching market.


From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times 

  • Gordo summarizes the trade in his own special way. One thing I like about this write-up (pauses for you to pick up your jaw) is that Gordo makes some very reasonable projections on domino moves that could happen with the Cubs' logjam in the middle infield.
  • Jason Hammel's unhappiness with getting pulled one batter into the 7th inning on Saturday turned into a parting shot.

From the Daily Herald

  • Womp womp.