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Alfonso Soriano DFA'd By Yankees

Thus probably ends a very interesting career.


While Alfonso Soriano is no longer a Chicago Cub, this should still be interesting to you:

It seems very unlikely that anyone would trade for Soriano or claim the rest of his contract (there's about $9 million remaining on it, about $6.5 million of which is being paid by the Cubs), and Soriano is having a bad year, hitting .221/.244/.367 with six home runs, six walks (!) and 71 strikeouts in 226 at-bats (OPS+ of 66).

This, then, might be the end of Soriano's career. He'd said he might want to play on if he had a good 2014, and I suspect the Yankees might have kept him on in that case. But with his bad year and his age (39 next January), this might be it for him.

If so, he finishes with 2,095 hits, 412 home runs (currently 50th all-time) and 289 stolen bases. We've been through a lot of what he meant in his 6½ years with the Cubs but one thing is certain: he always played hard, often through injuries, never complained, and was a mentor to younger players on the Cubs, in particular Starlin Castro.

Good luck to Soriano, who had a better major-league career than probably 98 percent of anyone who's ever played the game.