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Cubs Farm System Dominates Mid-Season Top 50 Lists

Two respected publications updated their top 50 prospects lists today. You'll like what they had to say.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus released their mid-season Top 50 Prospects List today and to no one's surprise, the Cubs dominated both lists.

Baseball America's list, which you can read here, had three Cubs prospects among the top seven. Kris Bryant was ranked as the no. 2 prospect. Addison Russell checked in at no. 5 and Javier Baez was no.7. In addition, Arismendy Alcantara was listed as no.33.

Players currently in the major leagues and 2014 draft picks were ineligible for the list. So don't ask where Kyle Schwarber ranked. He wasn't eligible for the list.

Baseball Prospectus ranked the Cubs system even higher. Both lists still have Twins outfielder Byron Buxton as the top prospect, but Prospectus ranked Astros shortstop Carlos Correa ahead of Bryant. But then they rank Baez at number 5, which is just barely ahead of Russell, who they believe is the sixth-best prospect in baseball.

But Baseball Prospectus is even higher on Alcantara than BA is, ranking Alcantara as the no. 18 prospect in the game. In particular, they praise his rare combination of power, speed and defense. The Cubs put a fifth player on the Prospectus list, with Albert Almora checking in at no. 37.

Schwarber was also not eligible for this list, but in a postscript, they added that if they had ranked him, he would probably rank right behind Padres OF Hunter Renfroe, who was the no. 44 player on their list.

The Baseball Prospectus list is for subscribers only, but if you're a subscriber, you can read the list and scouting reports here.

Both publications consider the Cubs to have the best farm system in the majors after acquiring Addison Russell and Billy McKinney.

While the results on the major league level have not been what we would all have liked, I think it is fair to say that the Cubs minor league system has never been stronger. Ever.