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Cub Tracks Adores Addison

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Everyone is talking about the Cubs' latest acquisition, Addison Russell. Come on in for more fawning, trade rumors, prospect reports, saying goodbye to now ex-teammates, the light at the end of the tunnel, All-Star berths, new opportunities, and the Pigeonhole Principle.

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I expect the shockwaves from "The Trade" to ripple through Cub Tracks for at least a couple more editions.

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  • Vote early, vote often. Anthony Rizzo needs your vote to get the spot in the All-Star Game that he deserves.
  • Trading away 40% of your starting rotation puts out a help wanted sign for arms. But the Cubs will fill the gaps from within.
  • John Baker had been the personal catcher for Jason Hammel. With Hammel off to Oakland, Baker's role will change.
  • Having "too many" talented shortstops just means the club has options aplenty.
  • Sometimes we forget this part. But Jeff Samardzija will be missed by his friends.
  • Dan Straily was the "third piece" in the trade. For now, the Cubs hope the righty gets locked in at Iowa.
  • A bit of bookkeeping, but the signing of sixth-round draft choice Dylan Cease is official.


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