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Cubs Will Release 2015 Season-Ticket Info In September

Before the 2014 season even ends, we'll know what season-ticket pricing will look like for 2015.

David Banks

In past years, the Cubs have sent out season-ticket renewal information in October, after the season has ended. According to an email I received Monday afternoon, that's going to change for next year:

... the Season Ticket renewal information (including your 2015 invoice) for your 2015 Season Tickets will be sent the week of September 2 and the first payment deadline for 2015 Season Tickets will be October 13.

We traditionally have released the Season Ticket renewal materials in early-to-mid October. Our Season Ticket survey results have shown that Cubs Season Ticket Holders have expressed an overwhelming desire to add more time between the initial invoice date and final payment due date. The final payment due date will be January 13, 2015, which is consistent with past Season Ticket final payment due dates. Moving up the release of invoices to early September will add an extra month of time between the first and final payment deadlines.

This will also give people more time to, presumably, go see Javier Baez and (likely) Jorge Soler play at Wrigley Field in September and, perhaps, get more excited about renewing their season tickets. Or not, depending on how they price them. I'll be very, very interested to see how tickets are going to be priced for 2015, especially the price-tier breakdown. This release date is especially interesting, given that the 2015 MLB schedule isn't due to be released until a couple of weeks after September 2.

One more thing that's going to be different for season-ticket holders this year, if you're looking to relocate your seats:

Additionally, the upcoming restoration of Wrigley Field will result in the ballpark being closed during the offseason for construction. As a result, our in-person Season Ticket Holder Relocation Event will now take place as an online exercise. Due to the change in logistics, the online relocation process will now take place over the course of two weeks. We will begin the online relocation process the week of October 21. As in the past, you will receive an appointment time based on your account plan and tenure. More details will follow soon. 

This will all be very, very interesting. I've posted a poll along with this post; please indicate where you stand regarding season tickets.