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A Cubs/Giants Rain-Delay Photo Gallery

This one's worth a photographic review.

The absurdity of the Cubs/Giants rain delay Tuesday evening was quite photogenic, if nothing else. Here, I've put together a gallery of photos, some taken by the Getty Images and USA Today photographers assigned to work the game, some taken by me from the bleachers with my phone. (Obviously, the pro shots are better, but I thought adding mine would show scenes from another angle.)

I've tried to put this together in as best a chronological order as I could. The cloud shots at the start of the gallery were just views that I thought looked cool. Given where those clouds were, the rain that actually hit Wrigley wasn't from those formations, but from something that just popped up almost literally out of nowhere. It didn't show on radar as anything other than some light showers as close as five minutes before the skies opened up.

One last note on this game: in all of Wrigley Field history there have been 87 games that didn't go the full nine innings, called for rain, or pre-1969 (when games were allowed to be suspended) for darkness. Here's the entire list. Only one other game before Tuesday night went exactly 4½ innings -- a 4-0 win over the Braves on May 9, 1990.

Enjoy these photos of an evening that was memorable... for reasons it shouldn't have been.