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Javier Baez Is Being Recalled; Will Join Cubs In Colorado

We have some information about a big-time Cubs prospect joining the team... via Twitter.

Dylan Heuer

Could Javier Baez be joining the Chicago Cubs soon? According to this tweet, the answer is yes:

Often these days, players themselves tweet information about recalls or trades before they are officially announced. The @OMGADI Twitter account (awesome Twitter handle, incidentally) belongs to Gadi Baez; if you read down the whole timeline, it appears clear that Gadi is Javier's brother (looks a lot like him, too).

So -- at this time we have no confirmation of Baez's recall, though it would make some sense to have it done on an off day with the Cubs not scheduled to play until tomorrow night when they face the Rockies in Denver. But often, these sorts of tweets turn out to be true.

Now you can start the speculation about who's being sent down to make room. I'd like for it to be Chris Rusin or Blake Parker, to at last get rid of the over-large eight-man bullpen. I assume that Baez would be called up to start, likely at second base, with Arismendy Alcantara moving to center field and Junior Lake moved into a platoon role in left.

We await developments and confirmation, but we at least have something close to real news about Javier Baez.

UPDATE: Confirmed by the Cubs.