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Cub Tracks Gets A Visit From The Future

The Cubs' two most recent first-round picks stopped at Wrigley (more on KB in Sunday's edition) to give the club a visit from the future. As for the present, Jake's an ace, Rizz is nominated again, lost rings, fringe prospects, and we induce vertigo.

Sue Skowronski

Sir Charles, that throw was "turrible."

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Tribune
  • Here's a Kyle Schwarber photo gallery.
  • VIDEO: And here's Kyle taking BP. My unprofessional opinion: I think he's going to have to quiet down some of that movement. There seems to be some extraneous moving parts. But the base looks good and it's sure working so far. Nothing a little mechanical ironing can't adjust.
  • VIDEO: Theo Epstein talked about Schwarber and the minor league affiliate shuffle that is ongoing.

From the Chicago Sun-Times 

From the Daily Herald

  • So that I make sure Bruce Miles is included, he's reporting that there's still no news when it comes to the Cubs' affiliate agreement with Kane County.


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