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Cubs Announce 2015 Spring-Training Ticket Prices

Surprise! (And not Surprise, Arizona.) Ticket prices have gone up for Cubs Park in Mesa... but not very much.

Sarah Glenn

Spring-training season-ticket holders (including me) received their invoices for tickets today, and while prices have gone up, the Cubs made the increases reasonable. In so doing, they'll likely have a high renewal rate from season-ticket holders and strong sales for single game spring games in 2015.

Here's a comparison between 2014 and 2015 prices. Note that these are for season-ticket holders and single-game prices might be higher.

Seating section 2015 price 2014 price
Infield box $36 $34
Infield reserved $31 $29
Outfield reserved $26 $24
Bullpen reserved $20 $18
Lawn $9 $8

So, prices have gone up by $2 per game for reserved seats, $1 per game for lawn. As the Cubs did in 2014, they are charging the same price for every game for spring season-ticket holders. For single-game sales, they priced some games as "premium" and those prices were $1 or $2 more. I'd expect something similar in 2015. At least for lawn tickets, these prices are still well in line with most teams in Arizona and less than some (the Angels were charging $15 for lawn tickets in 2014 and the Giants $18).

Also, this reflects a 15-game home schedule (though there's no specific game schedule available yet) as opposed to the 16 home games played at Cubs Park in 2014, thus the actual invoice price (at least for my ticket) is actually up by only $7.

One thing the Cubs did that many fans might find issue with is a significant increase in parking fees. Single-game parkers will pay $10, by far the highest in the Cactus League. Most Cactus League parks charge $5 to park and at Surprise Stadium, home of the Royals and Rangers, parking is free. Season-ticket holders who buy season parking will pay $8 per game, which is up $1 per game from 2014. The Cubs had some issues with traffic in the area both before and after games and hopefully, they'll have worked out those issues.

With price increases that are reasonable and more prospects coming down the pipeline, if the weather is as good in March 2015 as it was in March 2014, the Cubs could have many more sellouts at Cubs Park.