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The BCB 'Best Cub Ever' Official Vote!

Let's have a little fun with this site meme.

Brian Kersey

"Best Cub Ever," shortened to "BCE," has been a meme here at this site for quite some time.

It's a bit facetious, of course; the term is endearingly (I hope!) given to a Cubs player whose performance isn't the greatest, but who has somehow touched people here in some way.

The idea for this post came up in the comments to a recent post, where people started talking about who this year's BCE should be. I thought I'd expand that so that the "Ever" in the title would actually mean "ever," or at least, over the last decade or so.

We wound up with 21 nominees, which include a Cub as far back as the 1970s (Larry Biittner) and 1980s (Vance Law) and one who never actually played with the major-league Cubs, just in the organization, and who is now the team's bullpen catcher. The list is in alphabetical order, to avoid any bias. The choice of photo is for the sheer absurdity of John Baker pitching, not to suggest endorsement.

Cast your vote, the, for Best Cub Ever.