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Wrigley Field Closes Down For The Winter And Construction

Yes. It's happening.

Wrigley Field isn't just shutting down for the offseason, it's being closed up for reconstruction and expansion of the bleachers and the addition of a video board and sign in right field.

There are lots of things that get taken out of Wrigley for the winter in a normal offseason, but this year, things are different as pretty much everything has to be taken out to get ready for the construction project, as well as some changes in the surrounding neighborhood.

Here's a gallery of photos taken Thursday, just the day after the 2014 home season ended, as workers prepared various parts of the ballpark and neighborhood for the construction project, which is scheduled to start in earnest this coming Monday.

David Sameshima, who took photos for BCB during the 2005-06 bleacher reconstruction project, will be documenting this one as well. If I have time during the offseason, I'll supplement this with photos I take myself.

And so, it begins.