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The Cubs Have A Lot Of TV Channels And Uniforms... How Did They Do With Each?

None of this matters, but it's fun to look at anyway.

David Banks

The New York Yankees have one home uniform -- white pinstripe -- and one road uniform -- gray.

The Cubs have... well, more than that. It used to be that the Cubs had the same uniform combination that the Yankees did. Then they added a blue alternate jersey. This year, they added a gray block-letter "CUBS" road jersey (one I didn't particularly care for, incidentally) and eleven different throwback uniforms. Ten of those were worn at home, one on the road. The blue alternate uniform is no longer worn at home, but was worn for 52 of the 81 road games, with the traditional "CHICAGO" road gray worn only 14 times in 2014.

Also of interest is the Cubs' team record on the various TV channels that cover games. While players certainly don't care (or, in most cases, even know) which channel the games are on, I find it fascinating that the Cubs had a much better record when the games were on CSN Chicago this year as opposed to WGN. It makes no sense at all for that to happen. I recall that in 2007, the Cubs lost 18 straight games that were on WGN -- to the point that Len Kasper and Bob Brenly were joking about that on the air.

Just for fun, then, here's what the Cubs did in 2014 on different TV channels and wearing different uniforms. The "road throwback" was this game, the first game in Jake Arrieta's great run through June. The ESPN game was the Cubs' only Sunday Night Baseball appearance of the year, this game.

TV channels

WGN: 27-43
CSN: 43-37
WCIU: 2-6
Fox: 1-2
ESPN: 0-1


Home pinstripe: 38-33
Blue alt: 21-31
CUBS alt: 3-9
Road gray: 5-9
Holiday: 2-0
Home throwback: 3-7
Road throwback: 1-0