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Cubs Retain All Coaches (Except One), 'Hope' To Add Impact Talent

Theo Epstein had an end-of-the-season press conference. Here are some highlights

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein met with beat writers Tuesday to give a season wrap and talk about the future. Via various tweets, here are some highlights and my comments:

As I wrote earlier today, this coaching staff has in general done a good job. Their job was primarily player development, and they did so well, especially with getting Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro back on track, and with the pitching staff, particularly the bullpen. I'm not sure what Mike Brumley even did as assistant hitting coach, but perhaps his talents, whatever they are, might be best served as a roving instructor, or maybe scouting, as was suggested.

Okay, this is good. Nice to hear. But...

Well, what does "make sense" mean? It could mean anything he wants it to mean. From the point of view of most fans, writers and other observers, signing Jon Lester would be almost a no-brainer. He's lefthanded, he never gets injured, he's (relatively) young, he's got multiple years of playoff experience and a positive relationship with this management team. That would "make sens" to me. I hope it does for Theo & Co. as well. He also said this:

That could mean "veteran role players" as well as players who could have an impact. Feel free to speculate on who that might mean, and what position they might play. (Russell Martin fits that description, for one.)


Also good. I know some of you think they could be stretched out to start, but the bullpen was strong with them in there. Why mess with success?

Also good, but...

Really? I mean, really? Manny hasn't played in the major leagues in three years, and he was just 1-for-17 then. He hasn't played with any significant impact in the major leagues in five years. He didn't hit much at any of his three Triple-A stops over the last three years. He'll be 43 next May.

Time to hang it up, Manny, and get into coaching, something you showed last summer you were pretty good at. The Cubs would apparently like to have you back. The relationship worked and I'd like to see it continue.

As they say, discuss amongst yourselves.