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You Can Buy A Piece Of Cubs History

... but not from the Cubs, and therein lies this story.

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Courtesy Floyd Sullivan

Thanks to Mike Bojanowski, who does artwork, cartoons and Photoshops for me here at BCB, for this find.

You might recall that back in May, Floyd Sullivan, who blogs at ChicagoNow, discovered an error in one of the murals that are on the outside of the bleacher walls on Waveland and Sheffield in honor of the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. You can read the original BCB story on this here.

The replacement of the mural with the Charles Lindbergh photo -- shown above -- should have been the end of this story, but it's not.

Take a look at this eBay listing, which purports to be selling a piece of the removed Lindbergh mural.

Looking at the photos, it sure looks legitimate to me -- the markings on the mural match the markings on the Wrigley wall, and the eBay seller says:

As you can see the piece did not come off whole. It is a minor miracle that the largest part that came off was the actual mistake which required it to be removed in the first place. The rest came off in small pieces no bigger than your hand. With careful guidance this piece of history measuring about 6 x 2 feet was saved from the trash. :) And check out the reverse ... a cool imprint of the Wrigley wall!!!

Saved from the trash. Once again, the Cubs appear to have failed to dispose of something in a way where no one would ever find it. I don't know who this seller is and it's hard to tell where he/she got this item or the other items listed for sale. What I can say is that the asking price is... way, way too much. It's an interesting piece of Cubs history (which probably never should have gotten out), but it's not worth $2,750.