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2015 MLB draft

2015 Chicago Cubs Draft Recap

Baseball's annual first-year player draft took place over the past week. The Cubs selected a lot of players. Some will end up being better players than others. Some won't even sign with the Cubs.

Cubs System Sonogram And The Senior Signings

Soon, the recently drafted Cubs selections will filter into locker rooms across the system. These are my thoughts on the first two days of selections.

Draft Day 2 Roundup And Day 3 Discussion Thread

The draft ends today and there are still some quality ballplayers on the board.

Welcome Donnie Dewees And Day 2 Of The MLB Draft

Another chance to welcome the new Cubs to the fold.

Welcome To The Cubs, Ian Happ

The outfielder (and maybe infielder?) is the Cubs first pick in the 2015 draft. You're among friends here.

2015 MLB Draft Overflow Thread

The 2015 MLB Draft Is Now

The 50th Anniversary MLB Draft is tonight.

In Hindsight, The Cubs Select . . .

Hindsight is perfect. If the Cubs could go back in time and fix all their draft picks this century, they'd have one of the all-time powerhouses. Here's how it would look.

Cubs Draft History: Not Stellar (Until Recently)

Since the Theo Epstein regime came to be, the Cubs have drafted well. Before that? Read on, if you dare.

2015 MLB Draft: The Third Day, Rounds 11-40

Teams will make 30 picks on the third day of the draft.

It's 2015 MLB Draft Day! Who Will The Cubs Choose?

This will be tougher than last year.

2015 MLB Draft Prep And The Field Of 64

Much of this week's scouting was at the NCAA Tournament. This glances at its early results.

Why The Cubs Won't Blow Up Their 2015 Draft Cap

While the argument for ignoring the draft slotting limit is compelling, the Cubs won't do it in 2015. Here's why.

2015 MLB Draft Prep: The Second Day

What will the second day of the draft bring? Probably a mix of pitching and hitting.

Is It Time For The Cubs To Spend Big On The Draft?

The Cubs seemingly have cash to spend and are looking at a very promising future win expectancy. Could that influence their approach in this draft?

2015 MLB Draft Prep: Day One, June 8

Draft Prep looks at the first day of the draft, which includes the first two rounds.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Gets A Bit Queasy

With this draft, nobody knows -- yet.

2015 MLB Draft Prep: The Tyler Jay Question

The closer for the Illini will come off the board early in June. He takes center stage in this article.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Has A New Focus

Will the draft be handled differently in the post-rebuild phase by the Cubs?

2015 MLB Draft Prep Scouts The Scouts

This week's draft prep is a bit long on words and theory, but less on assessing specific players. Ask questions below.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Analogizes

Let's talk about crapshoots. Because the MLB draft certainly isn't one.

2015 MLB Draft Prep And Ignoring Preps

I'm beginning a bit of a sub-series with the next few editions of draft prep. This discusses why I ignore preps.

2015 MLB Draft Prep: Round 10 Production

Another in the waaaaaay-too-early looks at talent for this June's draft.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Special Edition: Brady Aiken

Is Brady Aiken worth a gamble with the ninth overall pick in June?

2015 MLB Draft Prep Talks Pitching

Most of the time, I talk primarily about hitters in Draft Prep. Today, turnabout is fair play.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Gets Offensive

Some thoughts on hitters who might be available and worth selecting when the Cubs' turn comes up in the first round.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Looks At Scouting

What factors go into scouting players at the amateur level? Here are three key things scouts look at.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Looks For A Usable Field

Weather issues, including snow, affected last weekend's college baseball games.

2015 MLB Draft Prep: The Seams Seem To Matter

It seems that offense might have returned to college baseball.

2015 MLB Draft Prep: Play Ball

The 2015 college baseball season has started. Sort of.

Report: Draft Moving To July 1

This would represent a huge change in the way players start their professional careers.

2015 MLB Draft Prep Looks To Fill In The Gaps

The Cubs have a strong minor league system. What position needs the most help?


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