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Happy New Year 2015 From BCB!

Ring out the old, etc.

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images. Photo Illustration: Mike Bojanowski

It's 2015!

You know, the year the Cubs are supposed to win the World Series. (If only Miami were in the American League.)

Seriously, the Cubs have made great strides this offseason to improve their lot and many expect them to be a contending team this coming year. I'm one of those people. Do I think they're a World Series-ready team? No, of course not. They still have many holes to fill. But they are clearly a better team than the one that left the field at Miller Park last September 28 with a victory to end the 2014 season.

So that's how I enter 2015 -- optimistic about the Cubs' major-league team for the first time in several years. That feels pretty good. The Cubs' system will continue to grow, but now it's time to start winning at the big-league level, too. That feels great.

Happy New Year to you! May 2015 bring everything you're hoping for and more, for you personally and for the Chicago Cubs.

Here's a larger version of the photo montage at the top of this post. I asked Mike Bojanowski to Photoshop some of the Wrigley renderings into a photo of a game from this past year and add the fireworks. Festive! Click here for an even larger version in a new browser window or tab.

new year photo montage 2015 (photo: jonathan daniel/getty photo illustration: mike bojanowski