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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 9

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These photos are from work being done at the ballpark on Friday.

Once again, BCB's David Sameshima bundled up and trekked over to Wrigley Field on a bitter cold Chicago winter day. Here's his report from late Friday afternoon:

I arrived at the ballpark around 3:30. According to my phone, the temperature was 6 degrees (-13 wind chill). The cherry picker in the first photo was just being taken down, so apparently someone was working in it. By the time I made it around to center field, around 4:00, some workers appeared to start packing up for the day. I didn't see any activity in the triangle lot, but they may have finished up before I arrived. A stream of work vans started leaving the triangle lot, around 4:30, but my camera was setup for shooting over the fence at the time. By the time I was able to reset, the trucks were all gone.

Even with the bitter cold weather, they seem to be making significant progress each day. I stand by my belief that they'll be ready on Opening Day, at least as far as getting the bleachers open and people in the seats. They still have 84 days -- it's 12 weeks from today.