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2015 Spring-Training Countdown, Day 37: Travis Wood

Will the lefthander rebound from his terrible 2014?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

If not for Edwin Jackson's horrific 2014 season, most people would have tabbed Travis Wood as the worst pitcher on the Cubs staff and one of the worst starting pitchers in the major leagues last year.

Wood's numbers were poor in almost every category. After two seasons of very good WHIP numbers in 2012 and 2013 (1.199, 1.145 respectively), Wood jumped to a 1.532 WHIP in 2014, worst among all 88 qualified big-league starters. His 5.03 ERA was third-worst, as was his 76 ERA+. After posting 4.4 bWAR in his All-Star season in 2013, he went into the minus column with -0.9 bWAR last year.

That All-Star year Wood had in 2013 might not be something he can replicate, but his numbers were decent enough in 2012 that he might be able to get back to that level (4.27 ERA, 1.199 WHIP, 96 ERA+). That would be good enough to be a fifth starter for just about anyone.

Unlike most pitchers, Wood does add some value with his bat. He hit .232/.271/.429 in 2014 (13-for-56 with two doubles and three home runs), enough to create 1.0 bWAR as a hitter -- giving him enough player value to wipe out the negative bWAR he had from the mound.

It's 37 days till pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Will Wood -- who turns 28 a couple of weeks before that date -- have a comeback year in 2015?