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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 12

Even in the snow and cold, the work crews are making significant progress.

It's been snowy and cold in Chicago for more than a week. This, you already know. Even through that weather, though, you can see the progress being made on the reconstruction of the Wrigley Field bleachers. These photos, taken early Monday afternoon, clearly show that. Here's David Sameshima's report:

I arrived just after 12:00 noon. Some workers could have been on lunch break during my visit. According to my phone, the temperature was a balmy 20 degrees (+6 wind chill). There was some lake effect snow coming down, with light gusts blowing it all around.As I arrived, there was a mini traffic jam on Sheffield Avenue. Various work trucks were entering and backing up traffic at the south Sheffield gate.I didn't see concrete being poured during my visit, but there was one truck waiting and another arriving before I left. The most visible work was the excavation work taking place along right center field.Of course there was still ongoing work taking place all over. I could see work along the west side of the ballpark and in the triangle lot. The assigned street sweeping truck was still making it's rounds around the ballpark too.

David was unable to go to the ballpark Tuesday, but we'll have more photo updates later this week.