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2015 Spring-Training Countdown: Day 36, Edwin Jackson

Just what will the Cubs wind up doing with the righthander with two years left on his contract?

Also, write your own caption for this photo
Also, write your own caption for this photo
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It's 36 days until Cubs pitchers and catchers report to spring training and thus, we have arrived at "Edwin Jackson Day," since he has worn No. 36 for the Cubs the last two years.

I've written quite a bit about Jackson and how his performance in 2014 made him just about the worst starting pitcher in Cubs history. No, strike that -- it was one of the worst pitching years from a starter in major-league history. Only 11 pitchers in the history of the game had years like Edwin's 2014: at least 27 starts, ERA of 6.33 or higher and WHIP of 1.642 or higher. And only eight equalled his -2.3 bWAR with at least that many starts.

The potential good news for Jackson is that one of the pitchers in the latter list is Edinson Volquez, who had a horrific year split between the Padres and Dodgers in 2013 (5.71 ERA, 1.585 WHIP, -2.4 WAR) only to have a rebound year with the Pirates last year that got him a nice deal with the Royals starting this year.

I'm not necessarily suggesting that Jackson could do that. However, he's just 31, has had no injury issues (apart from the back problem that put him on the DL late last year) and has generally thrown with good velocity.

I've suggested he could be tried in the bullpen. Some here don't think that's worth trying, but the Cubs might, just to see if they could get any value out of him. He'll certainly be trotted out in front of scouts in spring training to see if any other team might be interested in trading a couple of lottery tickets for him, assuming the Cubs eat most or all of the contract.

So, here's your chance to say what you think will happen with Jackson. Vote in the poll and weigh in your thoughts in the comments.