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Cubs, CBS Radio Announce Convention Webcast

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This is good news if you can't go to the Cubs Convention.

Danny Rockett

This year's Cubs Convention is the 30th such event, as it began in January 1986 as the "Die-Hard Cubs Fan Convention."

With the buzz surrounding the team after Joe Maddon's hire and the signing of Jon Lester, this year's convention is sold out, the first such sellout in several years.

That's why this article on the CBS Chicago website is welcome news:

Luckily for the fans and followers of the Cubs, parts of this year’s convention can be watched on a live video webcast by WBBM Newsradio, the new radio partner for the Cubs in 2015.

The LIVE video webcast will be presented here on on Saturday, January 17th, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

In the past some convention sessions have been live-streamed or broadcast on radio, but I believe this is the first time there will be live video coverage. Kudos to the Cubs and CBS Radio for this welcome addition -- which is something I had suggested to management at the news conference announcing the CBS Radio/Cubs agreement last June. I also had suggested that they try to schedule the key sessions (Ricketts Family, Baseball Management, Joe Maddon and Business Management) with some time in between for people to change rooms, and they've done that as well. The complete schedule is at the link above.

Since there's going to be live video coverage of these sessions Saturday, I think I'll post an open thread for those of you watching who want to comment on what you see and hear. The first of the sessions is at 9 a.m. CT, so I'll post a thread 15 minutes prior so you can get settled in.