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Cubs Avoid Arbitration With Felix Doubront

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The money he'll get is a bit more than projected.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

We should start hearing more stories like this signing of arb-eligible Felix Doubront in the weeks leading up to spring training:

According to this tweet, that's a bit more than he was projected for:

As noted by Heyman, the $1.95 million figure was a typo and the $1.925 million number is correct.

The following other Cubs are arb-eligible and not yet signed: Travis Wood, Luis Valbuena, Pedro Strop, Chris Coghlan, Jake Arrieta and Welington Castillo. Of course, Castillo might wind up being traded before he's signed for 2015.

The $1.95 million figure isn't much in today's market, but there's no guarantee of a roster spot for Doubront, who threw reasonably well in four Cubs starts late last year (3.98 ERA, 1.426 WHIP). We'll see what happens in spring training.