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Cubs, Chris Coghlan Avoid Arbitration

One more arb-eligible Cub has signed for 2015.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Cubs have gone to an arbitration hearing just once in the last 22 years. Ryan Theriot took the Cubs to a hearing in 2010. Before that it was Mark Grace in 1993.

Slowly but surely, the arb-eligible Cubs are signing. Here's today's:

I'm honestly not sure what Coghlan made last year; neither his baseball-reference page nor the Cot's Cubs page lists a salary for 2014. Coghlan, after a slow start, hit .283/.352/.452 with nine home runs in 385 at-bats and produced 0.2 bWAR (which would have been better if not for his poor defensive rating). He's likely going to be platooning with Chris Denorfia in left field this year.

That leaves Luis Valbuena, Travis Wood, Pedro Strop, Jake Arrieta and Welington Castillo as arb-eligible Cubs not yet signed for 2015. Regarding Castillo:

I still think Castillo winds up traded, because carrying three catchers gives limited bench flexibility, not to mention a lack of playing time for the two backups. As always, we await further developments.