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An Unconventional Cubs Convention: Friday (Part 1)

Yesterday, BCB's Danny Rockett started a blog post that ended in a gallery.

Wrigley Field 1/16/15
Wrigley Field 1/16/15
Danny Rockett

An uncontainable excitement awoke me at 4 a.m. Friday. I tried unsuccessfully to get back to sleep as visions of the fun I was going to have at the sold-out Cubs Convention thrilled every centimeter of this winter-weary soul. As Led Zeppelin once screamed, "it's been a long time since I rock and rolled" and I was ready to rock a Cubs Convention, a welcome respite from the long cold offseason.

I piddled around over half a pot of coffee, and before the sun rose was off on my daily two-mile constitutional around Wrigley Field. The ants in my pants seemed to be colonizing and only a cold brisk walk around my favorite place could attempt to cure my insomniac Cubs fever.

Wrigley pan

Workers Wrigley

Worker Wrigley

Wrigley Construction

Wrigley Construction

Billy Snow

Captain Snow

In only a few short months, the snow will (hopefully) be melted and there will be baseball played here!

But in the meantime, if I want to hear Wayne Messmer's voice it's going to be calling Bingo on Saturday night at the Cubs Convention.

So after a morning of radio comedy writing about Beyonce's baby bump and an at-home solo dance party, it was off to the Chicago Sheraton and Towers!


It's now 2:25 a.m.... and the best way to tell some of the rest of the story is with a photos and captions….