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2015 Spring-Training Countdown, Day 33: Carlos Villanueva

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Cubs uniform number 33 hasn't been worn by anyone memorable.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

At this writing, no current Cub is wearing uniform number 33. In fact, looking at this all-time list of Cub number 33s, we don't see anyone you'd really remember (and probably a lot that you've forgotten):

Bob Scheffing (1941-42), Andy Pafko (1943), Jake Mooty (1943), Hank Wyse (1943-47), Gene Mauch (1948-49), Andy Varga (1950), Bob Kelly (1951-53), Bubba Church (1953), Bill Tremel (1954-56), Freddie Fitzsimmons (coach) (1957-59), Lou Johnson (1960), Ken Hubbs (1961), George Gerberman (1962), Jack Warner(1963), Phil Mudrock (1963), Jack Spring (1964), Lew Burdette (1964-65), Bob Hendley (1965-67), Bob Shaw (1967), Ramon Hernandez (1968), Gary Ross(1968-69), Bill Bonham (1971-77), George Riley (1979), Larry Biittner (1980), Mike Lum (1981), Allen Ripley (1982), Joe Carter (1983), Porfi Altamirano (1984), Matt Keough (1986), Frank Dipino (1986-88), Mitch Webster (1989), Lance Dickson (1990), Yorkis Perez (1991), Tom Edens (1995), Mike Campbell (1996), Ramon Morel (1997), Terry Adams (1997), Don Wengert (1998), Brian McNichol (1999), Dan Serafini (1999), Bill Mueller (2001-02), Glendon Rusch (2004-06), Daryle Ward (2008), Esmailin Caridad (2009-10), DJ LeMahieu (2011), Dale Sveum (manager) (2012), Carlos Villanueva (2013-14)

It took nine years after numbers were introduced for any Cub to wear No. 33, and it's been worn by a collection of has-beens, never-weres and guys who had better careers elsewhere (Joe Carter, for example). Probably the guy who had the best Cubs career wearing No. 33 is Bill Mueller, who didn't take it back when he was the team's hitting coach last year.

And no, that's not a typo above. The Cubs really did have a player named Phil Mudrock, who pitched in one game for the team in 1963. Sounds like a refugee from The Flintstones.

I promise, the countdown number players will get better as we get closer to pitchers and catchers reporting.

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