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Wrigley Field Construction Update: January 16

In which we learn that right-field work has nearly caught up to left field.

We'll find out this afternoon about the Cubs' contingency plans for bleacher season-ticket holders if the project isn't done for Opening Night. At the Cubs Convention, Tom Ricketts stated that it would be a "challenge" to get the bleachers done by April 5, but didn't say definitively that they will not be done.

Work is proceeding and it appears at a faster pace. Perhaps that's due to the nicer weather, perhaps they've put more men on the crews. (It does appear from some of the photos that there are more workers.)

Here's David Sameshima's report from his visit on Friday:

I made another late visit to the ballpark, arriving at 4:00 p.m. According to my phone, the temperature was 32 degrees (+23 wind chill). Groups of workers were beginning to check out for the day. There was a crane operating on Waveland Avenue, but they were breaking it down when I arrived. As you can see in my photo, they are still lowering those huge steel beams into the triangle lot.To me, it seems like right field is not too far behind left field now. For a while there, the progress in right was definitely behind that in left due to the infrastructure delays.

David won't be able to make it to the ballpark today, but hopes to go tomorrow, so our next photo set here will likely be posted on Monday.