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Cub Tracks Makes A Big Guarantee

There are no guarantees, you say? Well, Anthony Rizzo is giving you one. Plus plenty of reactions from the convention, Joe Maddon fashion, Javier Baez confusion, Jon Lester and pitch clocks, and why not to anger a hippo in Sunday's Cub Tracks.

And no, it had nothing to do with these throwback uniforms.
And no, it had nothing to do with these throwback uniforms.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

For those thinking of becoming a youth basketball referee, let me offer this piece of advice: It's really a fun time. Especially at the young levels (kindergarten and first grade) where the kids are just happy to be out there, learning some fundamentals that will turn them into fifth through seventh graders that mysteriously become out-of-control hacking machines that seeming know nothing other than "separate player from ball by any means necessary."

As for the advice: Refereeing six games in one day... may not be a great idea. Unless you enjoy that rubber-leg sensation from walking and running seven miles while standing for six hours straight, in which case have at it.

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  • Report-gate: The Cubs have reportedly signed right-handed pitcher Daniel Bard and left-handed pitcher Francisley Bueno to minor-league contracts.

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